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Our objective we must guarantee the botanical identity as well as the conformity of the plants we sell. We achieve this thanks to the technical sheets we design and update regularly. 

 These technical sheets form the data base created to satisfy our customers’ needs regarding the plants’ aspect; scent, taste and potent within the framework of current norms.

Quality elaboration This starts with the selection of the seeds, the young plants, the soils, the picking sites and ends with the preparation of each order.

This is why we aim at developing long term relationships with our different suppliers wherever they may be. We do think that, apart from the necessary reciprocal professional esteem it generates, this is the very first condition to reach high quality products.

Along the same line, we try to pay our suppliers rapidly even if the annual rhythm of agricultural production forces us to buy a maximum of products during their harvest period.

Quality control  the quality of the products is controlled at three key stages of the production process :

1 - Selection of fresh harvests this is carried out by sampling using, if necessary, statistical picking methods. The samples obtained are rated according to their colour, scent, texture, cleanness. Pre-analyses are made as well as more complete investigations if needed .

2 - The different batches receive their quality approval after thorough lab investigations.CCM de tilleuls

These follow, according to each case, the norms of European pharmacopoeia as well as internal norms.
Bacterial analyses are carried out for plants used in herbal teas. They answer the norm 4A. Plants used in the form of powders are analysed to meet the norm 4B. Essential oils are controlled with the norm AFNOR or with internal norms.

These investigations are carried out thanks to various techniques such as Gas Chromatography (GC), High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), spectroscopy-UV, measuring by essential oil extraction…

3 - An extra quality norm is introduced during the production process when the plant is cut, pulverized and graded. In order to keep the plants’ original qualities we do the cutting and pulverization operations as late as possible.

When necessary we prepare samples for our customers so that they can carry out tests or have them carried out.

In the case of ORGANIC PLANTS the official body ECOCERT comes to audit our company and takes samples to check the plants we sell do not contain pesticides.

The traceability of the plants sold to our customers is ensured thanks to the batch number they receive the minute they arrive in our company.

In 2002, we set up a DATA FILE of batch numbers where are recorded all the analyses made for each batch (see illustration opposite).

Since 2007, the certificates of analysis for the sent plants are available to our customers through internet.

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