150 Years of Expertise


Founded in 1868 by Maturin Cailleau, in Chemillé, the great city of medicinal plants (western France), CAILLEAU HERBORISTERIE (or  CAILLEAU HERBS) started growing, harvesting, processing and selling quality medicinal botanicals such as Anthemis Nobilis, Mentha Piperita & Melissa Officinalis.


In 150 years, CAILLEAU has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in selection, process and shipment regarding natural herbs, flowers, spices and botanicals.



We believe in Nature, not in chemistry!


Our ongoing effort toward exceeding customers’ needs are reflected in the herb purity and vitality : herbalists, craft breweries, distilleries, tea resellers, condiments makers, dietary supplements formulators, retailers, traditional pharmacists & practitioners, cosmetic manufacturer and other businesses.


150 years of experience and expertise has led us to building reliable relationships with growers, farmers, wildcrafters and harvesters. We remain committed to offering our customers the finest herbs.


Step by step, we have expanded our bonds and trust beyond the Loire Valley to reach more natural plants, herbs, spices and botanicals. 

We are still a family-run business at a manageable size (32 people) located in Chemillé within the heart of Loire Valley, an UNESCO protected area.




Quality is CAILLEAU‘s backbone


This commitment deals first and foremost with our farmers, growers and wildcrafters.


The products we received should be grown, handled and harvested respecting the cultures and their surroundings. Organic farming encompasses many principles on sanitary agricultural practices (soil and weed sustainable management, nutrient origin, pest control alternatives, non-genetic modified crops …). We strive to source only those that respect natural cycles, that cultivate natural crops, that bans harmful herbicides, pesticides and chemicals,… 150 of our plants, herbs, spices and botanicals have successfully complied with the strict EU-Eco-Regulation (EEC No. 2092/91).


Our dedication to quality extends further to our storage, raw material transformation, packaging and shipment conditions.


Our newly-built facility in North Chemillé was designed to streamline these processes and better follow quality control‘s best practices.


At receiving, every lot has to match the approved pre-ship sample and validated.


We bar-code our inventory to improve order-processing, shipping accuracy and traceability.


Regarding the storage, we strive to estimate and have the appropriate stock levels to ensure fast turnaround as well as customer’s demand.


Our machines are set up as such that they remove extraneous materials (such as excessive stems or little rocks).


We systematically refer to the Pharmacopée Européenne referentials for plants’ genuineness and certification.


We properly process our dried products in every form, shape and size our customers wish : re-cleaning, sifting, cutting, custom grinding, calibration mesh-sizing, milling, blending.


Our machines are cleaned before each new entry to avoid cross-contamination.


Our heat-treatment chamber can eventually be used to reduce microbial load that might be contained in the raw material.


We bulk pack and ship on demand, with our label or yours, using ecological boxes and bags.


CAILLEAU follows the HACCP Program (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in order to address all reasonably occurring physical, chemical and biological hazards for each of our raw materials.


Our facility has been inspected and certified by the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration)



Our facility has also been inspected and certified by ECOCERT (one of the world’s largest organic certification organizations).




Our internal policies regarding : (Non-GMO products, 100% Natural, ECOCERT Compliant, FDA Compliant, HACCP Compliant, Full product traceability, Raw material testing, and others) help us to deliver the finest products.




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CAILLEAU HERBS stands as a bulk company, you may order whatever amounts suit you best, using the US customary units : ounce, pound, hundredweight and so on.


We issue pro-forma invoices (VAT-free) on demand, in US Dollars (we accept US Dollars)