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1868  The oldest ledger found in the archives bears witness to the production and trading of four plants such as Roman camomile, mint, lemon balm and hyssop…and this with little change until the 1930s.

1930-1939  The cultivated surfaces expand. The Chemillé camomile production slowly but surely takes over the Belgian one. The name “Herboristerie centrale du Maine et Loire” is created.

The number of cultivated plants grows as well as the picking of wild plants to meet the increasing demand of herbal shops which are then prospering. Some efficient therapeutic formulae are commercialized. They are still in the catalogue today.


1939-1945 During the Second World War the activity slows down a lot but the seedlings are preserved. In 1941 the Vichy Government suppresses the Herbalist diploma. The trading of plants becomes a pharmaceutical monopoly.

1945-1953 A first building aimed purely at a professional activity is built. Commercialization starts developing throughout France. In 1953 the building is destroyed by fire.

1954-1976 Rebuilding: creation of the first workshops with cutting, grinding and grading machines. A hot air dryer is built alongside the traditional open air dryer. Another workshop for the extraction of camomile essential oil is installed.

A line of semi-automated packaging machines producing herbal teabags for hospitals is put in place. There is large production of herbal teas such as the “Thé des familles” which are marketed to companies developing their own brand names. Finally, it is also the beginning of the export activity towards francophone countries. .IMA tea bag packing machine

1976 The firm which until then is under the family name becomes a limited company.

1976-1984 Purchase of an IMA machine. The production of boxes for herbal teabags becomes totally automated. (See photo) Purchase of machines for the manufacture of capsules.

1979 Mrs Veil, Health Minister, takes 34 plants out of the pharmaceutical monopoly.

1985-1986 The company installs its computer system

1988 Creation of the lab (see photo)

1989-1990 End of the Berlin Wall. This allows the creation and development of new contacts with suppliers from Central Europe.

1995 Creation of the essential oil range

1997 Creation of the organic plant range

2004 Creation of a new cutting workshop

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