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The Cailleau company is a completely independent family run business. It specialises in plants and plant extracts for pharmaceutical and food including liqueurs as well as cosmetic, aromatic and dying uses.

It has a permanent workforce of 30 people and it also integrates the activity of many producers and pickers. Our main activity is to supply the 800 plants in our catalogue bought non-treated from one hundred suppliers throughout France and the rest of the world. Customer service and quality are our keywords.

Our company has large warehouses as well as a dryer for fresh plants to reduce the level of humidity when too high.

Our four workshops are equipped with Condux cutters Winicker cutting-machineand grinders, a Winicker cutter and a Gondard atomizer. We also have grading machines to reach the finished aspect requested by our customers : from 2cm pieces to particles starting at 100 microns.

Our eight other workshops specialise in the different packaging processes with several degrees of automation: from manual tasks in teams to produce orders for retailers to entirely automated processes such as the production of herbal tea bags with an IMA machine.

Fresh red vine leaves on the dryer

Of course the plants we sell are analysed either directly by the company’s lab or by other labs equipped with specialised equipment for more specific analysis.

Independently of the development of the products sold under our company’s name, what Cailleau calls research is to find rare plants useful for the projects of the customers with whom we have privileged partnerships. We also aim at securing the supply chain of these plants.

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