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Chemillé - 1908 : Roman chamomile's crop

The Herboristerie Cailleau is a family run business founded in the 19th century specialising in the production of medicinal herbs..

 Our company is located in the small town of Chemillé in the Pays de la Loire area of France.


Our company has developed steadily and today it provides its customers with a range of around 800 plants in the finished form they require.


Our customers are chemists, herbalists, health food shops, and companies producing for the pharmaceutical, food or cosmetics industries. For customers with whom we develop a partnership, we look for the plants/herbs they need if these are not in our standard catalogue.


We do realise our customers expect a perfect botanical identity as well as the highest quality of our plants. This demand keeps us motivated to continuously improve our standards.

This very motivation together with the dedication of the men and women who are involved in the products’ development ( producers and staff ) are the keys to our constant improvement.


We are at your service...

              SAS CAILLEAU HERBORISTERIE   - Zone Actiparc - Pole Ouest - 6 rue de Strasbourg

                               49120 Chemillé en Anjou (FRANCE)         +33(0)2 41 30 32 34

                                    capital de 250 000 euros   -    SIRET 313 897 217 00029

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